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Learn Live In Color!
Global Learning Community Advocates

Our Vision & Purpose



We seek to cultivate and propel forward the visibility, resilience and unlimited potential of genius blooming in our Communities  of Color.  As a result, we incubate youth led intergenerational experiential education, community based investigations and action research projects using interdisciplinary arts aligned with history, science and math to propagate immersive global learning opportunities. 


We empower community stake holders of color, specifically descendants within our African Diaspora and Indigenous Communities perpetually overcoming the challenges of being historically racially displaced and at risk for academic, socio-economic, cultural, housing and health disparities.


We aim to ignite our creativity and ingenuity so that we thrive relentlessly, undeterred against intended and/or unintended racial harm evident by a culture, tradition or system perpetuating a legacy of educational, social, economic and environmental barriers.


We advocate vigorous learning through inquiry, investigation, action research, collaborative knowledge sharing and creative community led engagement to develop innovative and effective community centered solutions as  exceptional models for success. 


Meet Our Global Community Advocates:

Advisory Board Members

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Intergenerational Board  of Directors

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President & Chair

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